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Valediction, Memorial Day

Thanks to all the military veterans out there. You put your ass on the line, be it for freedom or some politician’s folly. You risked life, limb and long fits of boredom for we the safe and only occasionally grateful. It is because of your sacrifice that we can enjoy the fruits of peace and […]

Becoming a Father

On March 7, 2012, I became a father. I think often of what this means. I look at my son in awe. I was once him. My father was once me. To be honest, I feel shame. When I was 15, I challenged my dad to a fist fight. He whacked me with the vacuum […]

Mémoires of My Early Twenties

I ran across Chateaupia this week. It’s a documentary about Le Chateau, a place I lived as a UC Berkeley student in 2001-2002. It was shot during the time I lived there. I dropped out of Berkeley for the second and final time in May 2002. As the video suggestes, Chateau was a madhouse. First […]

Why I Love Hip Hop, America

I grew up in Orange County. I was corn fed on punk rock. When I was 17, I saw Rage Against the Machine at Irvine Meadows. The mosh pit was gigantic. Actually, it started off as two pits. They ultimately merged. There was a fire in the center. I ran against the grain. It was […]

R.I.P. SpeakerCar

When you have no money and you need a car, you get SpeakerCar. M2 sold her last week for $350––less than the price of a new iPhone. For all the nausea and fear that she caused, her passing was an emotional event. This is an ode to SpeakerCar, the ultimate car of the scrappy startup. […]

Mental Toughness

Back in 2004, before I lived in New York City or attended Columbia or even dreamed of starting a company, I fought wildfires for the Modoc Interagency Hotshot Crew. Hotshot crews are the US Forest Service’s equivalent to the Marine Corps: the elite infantry in their perpetual (and stupendously wasteful) war against fire. Modoc Hotshots […]