Thanksgiving Letter to My Portfolio CEOs

Matt Mireles
From: Matt Mireles
Date: Fri, Nov 23rd, 2018 at 9:56 AM
Subject: Thankful
To: Founders


Hi Folks,
On this Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful for… you.
You are my tribe.
A lot of you are the people I talk to most and have become some of my closest friends.
Most people don’t get to work with people they admire so deeply. Most people don’t get to be as real with the people they work with. Most people do not get to be part of work that is so important.
I feel very lucky and privileged to be a part of your lives, and to have you a part of mine.
And for this, I am very, very thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope it’s an awesome one!

Poor. Hungry. Driven.

In hiring and investing, we are all biased. My bias? I bias toward and pattern match on PHDs:

Poor. Hungry. Driven. 

I look for people who’ve taken it on the chin in life and come back determined to win.

I look for hustlers who’ve risen beyond their station in life. 

I look for champions. 

These are my people. We all have biases in this life, and this is who I am biased towards hiring and funding. 

If that’s you, say hello. We should know each other.