As an entrepreneur, I've long been befuddled by the utter lack of transparency and overall opacity of the market for legal services. From what I understand, this is how the VC world was just five years ago. And then guys like Fred Wilson, Chris Dixon and startups like theFunded popped up and changed the game/disrupted the model. 

The legal/startup world? Well, there's the Startup Lawyer and the Startup Company Lawyer (very creative naming, btw). And they're useful enough resources, I guess. They cover technical matters well, or so it seems, but they don't have a whole lot of personality. And as an entrepreneur, I want not only focused technical info but also big picture analysis and creativity. That's what's gonna draw me back and make me read the RSS feed on the regular. I've never seen a law firm do this. And if you're Wilson Sonsini, you probably don't need to. Startups find you.

But if you're a brand new firm trying to represent startups, this represents a huge opportunity.

If you blog about startups & related legal/corporate issues in a way that is smart and thoughtful, then folks like Fred & chris & others will link to you or retweet your posts. This will earn you credibility and make guys like me more likely to seek you out. Sure, it will probably increase your overall client flow as well (and maybe you can hire more lawyers cuz the good ones will self-select and seek you out cuz you're doing something cool), but you'll be able to pick/choose the best of those. 

Also, meeting clients at non-standard locations (and announcing it publicly) is a great way to make yourself approachable and cool. Not only will this be fun for you, but it will attract young founders who hate/are scared of lawyers.

Think of it as the freemium model applied to law: you use your blog to give away a little bit of your brain power, and in turn it creates demand for the premium version, your actual legal services. Again, think of how Chris & Fred's blogs affect their respective investment activity.  Smart people who do their homework self-select and seek you out.

If you're gonna do this, there's blog that should be on your radar: Very awesome. If you decide to blog, make it your goal to get on Venture Hacks radar.

If you do this right, the best clients and talent will find you––and you'll be able to grow both your revenues and partner-base. I'm just shocked it hasn't been done already.