<---this is how the engineering community sees you.

A few high-level points to keep in mind….

#1 Everyone is looking for a technical co-founder/CTO these days
#2 Most people don’t find a CTO, thus cannot build anything and thus #FAIL
#3 How the hell are you any different than the rest of the non-technical people out there?
#4 Do you have the faintest clue about how software engineering actually works?
#5 How are you not a douchebag?

Look, early on, I made every mistake in the book––spamming grad students, pitching to investors with no product and no team, partnering with the wrong people, etc.––so don’t sweat it if you fuck up and/or are a complete noob. It ain’t easy. Just be humble, read as much as you can, talk to as many people as you can, hustle and learn.

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