Vin Turk wrote a comment on my last post on creating a more Founder-Centric Narrative:

After reading the post, and all the comments, it sounds like no one wants FW and CD to stop doing what they are doing. Everyone just wants more entrepreneurs to step up and start contributing to the conversation. FW and CDs blogs are great, as they provide a perspective that I find valuable (from a startups view).

But even more valuable, to me at least, are the views from guys like Eric Reis , Andrew Chen , Steve Blank and Mark Suster (Ent turned VC)

Reading about "in the trenches" experiences I find more valuable that a VCs perspective on similar subject matter (but i'll still read the VCs entries).

So Matt, are you just asking more entrepreneurs to step up and start blogging from their sidelines?



Ok, so that's not exactly what I wrote, but it's what I should have wrote and what I'd LOVE to see. You nailed it, Vin.

As founders, we need to share our experiences with others and "pay it forward" as much as possible. At a base level, this means talking about stuff like finding talent, negotiating with investors, figuring out valuation, acquiring customers, and dealing with co-founders. Putting that stuff out in the open is SOOO HELPFUL. 

And truly, if you do it right and offer some fresh insight and harrowing detail, stories about about this kind of thing make you look really smart to everyone, employees and investors alike. The ROI is most definitely there. Or so I have found it. 

Blogging and creating a narrative of my entrepreneurial journey has helped me connect with so many talented folks. Investors, press and employees alike. I recommend you do the same.