Ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with journalism, economics or technology, but i thought I'd share nonetheless…

Today I stopped a thief. Here's how I recounted the episode on Facebook:

ok, trying to remember the details…was checking out a hot drunk babe in the subway. Scuffle breaks out on the platform. Dominican guy wrenches iPhone from girl and takes off running….Hipster guy gives chase then gives up. I take off after him….5 subway cars later the thief realizes he's running into a dead end and turns around with his fists in the air…Takes a swing at me. This is where it gets blurry…

I punch him? Grab him? He ends up on ground. I'm on top of him…Thief ditches the iPhone and puts his hands over his face, saying "take the phone! take the phone!" Hipster boy picks up phone for his girlfriend…No cops in sight. I get off the guy and step back onto the subway.

Total damage: bloody fingernail and a skinned knee.

My good deed for the day. Actually quite a bit of fun.

Happy St. Patty's Day to you all!