It's not by accident that everyone in the SpeakerText team has either an iPhone or a Droid. Even the hotshot college kids we hired. How did we pay them? iPhones. 

As Marc Andreesen told Charlie Rose: "the iPhone is the first true cellphone that is actually a full computer."

And that really matters. Having a computer in your pocket changes what you think a computer should be able to do. Form defines function. And when you're building a software company, you gotta understand huge trends like this at a very deep level. 

Thus, for SpeakerText and for me, mobile computing is not just a cool fad that we follow because it makes us look hip. Again, Marc Andreesen:

 It has a full operating system, it has the ability of support, a large number of applications, it has a software development kit that you can use to build applications, it has a way to distribute applications over the network onto the phone.

No, having our engineers and managers own iPhones is a strategic move.