This was posted on FB by Ran Ma, founder/CEO of Siren Care. Her parents are doctors at the first hospital in Wuhan to treat Coronavirus patients. 

I hope by now everyone has caught up on the news about the Coronavirus. My parents are doctors in Wuhan in the hospital where the first patients were treated. There are currently 80,000 infected, 3000 deaths and another additional 3000 expected deaths. Other than my parents who have to work, the rest of my family has not gone outside for two months and I have been monitoring the situation closely.

What my parents did to keep our family safe:

  • Limit nonessential travel
  • Avoid crowds and eating out (many families got sick celebrating Chinese New Years)
  • Separate your family if possible, especially if you have older or vulnerable relatives (entire families got sick and infected each other in China. My parents haven’t seen my 86yr old grandparents since mid-dec)
  • Avoid hospitals unless you really need to (Patients & docs cross-infected each other in China)
  • Avoid public transport and taxis
  • Take your shoes off when you come home, disinfect and put in a box away from people
  • Have “inside” and “outside” clothes, leave outside clothes near the door away from people
  • Wash your hands
  • Wash clothes often
  • Take a shower & change when you get home
  • Spray down your pets with disinfectant after you walk them
  • Do not press elevator buttons with your bare hands(Also, the air in the elevator is especially dangerous bc it’s a confined space, someone may have sneezed in it before you got in)
  • WEAR MASKS IF YOU HAVE THEM (Any mask is better than no mask. Wash your hands before taking off your mask)
  • Wash your face, nose and rinse your mouth when you get home (virus infects thru nose & mouth)
  • Wear glasses or goggles if you have them(Dr got sick in China from saliva getting into eyes)
  • Do not take packages inside your house – first spray down packages with rubbing alcohol/disinfectant. Or open packages outside (Sick delivery man infected many people in Wuhan)
  • Wash and cook food thoroughly
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces often

I will keep updating this list as I get more information from my parents. I know some of this may seem extreme, but this is what my family in Wuhan did. Please stay informed and decide what is best for you and your family