Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn, on the Charlie Rose Show (VIDEO); courtesy of TechCrunch

I dunno how, but some day I’m gonna meet this guy and bring him on board as an investor. Homeboy’s got a magic combo: vision and passion. He reminds me of my man Peter Drucker. From the interview…

My Principle Motivation is ‘How Do You Change the World?’

“The difference between a company which is a dollar profitable and a dollar unprofitable is essentially immortality and death. Right? So if you want to have an influence over, you know, decades, hundreds of years, thousands is probably too much to hope for, create sustainable models, which in the action of that organism — I look at companies as organisms with an ecosystem. Within the action of it, it produces good…And if you do that, you’ve created a massive amount of good.”

“It’s a question of what do you want to be known for? What meaning do you want your life to have had? And you know, he or she who dies with the biggest bank balance isn’t a terribly interesting life.  And is that really the meaning, the measure of a life?”

Just, WOW. I want this guy on my board. If anyone knows him or knows someone who knows him, please give him my name.