We’ve been living together for almost 5 months now.

I am fairly organized when it comes to work, but I’m not what you’d call a neat freak or a huge planner. M2 is similar, although I think he’s a bit cleaner on the personal side and a less organized when it comes to planning for work.

M2’s biggest gripe to date has been my habit of, umm, not always putting dishes away.

When the two of us go out, whether it’s to pitch investors or buy groceries, we become a live comedy routine. There’s lots of bouncing back & forth between us, invariably some sort of escalation, and eventually we go overboard and tell whatever poor soul we end up performing for about one of our imaginatively farcical business plans, the most SFW one being Perpetual Puppy, “the genetically engineered dog that always looks like a puppy!”

Tyler, on the other hand, is a serious planner. And he’s very clean. As it turns out, he’s also a very talented software engineer, and his performance is more consistent than either M2 or I.

He really hates it when I leave stuff out.

When it comes to socializing, Tyler is a bit more reserved. He hates pitching. Dear god he hates pitching. The artifice & repetitiveness of it all just grates on him. He takes a bit to warm up to new people, but when he finally does, the result is lots of “bro-ing out.” We are now at the ultimate level of “brosef”-ness.

For example, right now Tyler is making LOLcat noises and announcing a Foursquare check-in to our bathroom. (He just joined. God help us.)

To be honest, it’s pretty amazing how this has all worked out.

But it has not been without friction.

At the end of July, we loaded up the Penske & drove cross country. It was epic, but not exactly “awesome” in a fun way. Tyler hated it and hated us. I wanted to punch him. For a few days, we stopped talking to each other.

Then we got over it.

For a while, M2 & Tyler were closer. Then one weekend M2 left for a friend’s wedding in Texas. Tyler & I bonded over an evening of shooting pool at Antonio’s Nut House in Palo Alto. Paul Graham showed up with an entourage. After nervously debating which one of us should approach him, he approached us en route to the bathroom. We said hi. PG responded with a surprised, awkward smile. We bonded. It was fun.

Often times, I see startups where the founders are all alike. Three geeks. Two MBAs. Etc. That’s not us. I mean living together might be easier if it were, but I think we’d be less successful. If Tyler wasn’t the corporate treasurer…well, dear god.

But even more than that, on a personal note, I am grateful to be part of a team. I remember living in NYC back in the spring, doing SpeakerText with an overseas partner & some freelancers. Despite the titles, I felt like a solo founder with a team of remote developers. It was so lonely. The work was rewarding, but not fun…not fun in the way it is now. There was no Tyler making LOLcat noises and shouting “Broskis!!!” every 15min. There was no M2 perpetually one upping my crazy ideas. There was no team.

And goddamnit, it feels great to have a team, to have friends, to have broskis.