I heard something today that made me think about the problems facing the newspaper business specifically and the media industry more generally. From Fred Wilson

I think the problem there is that journalists are not entrepreneurs. And they’re not business people. And they don’t want to start companies. And they don’t want to have to worry about trying to earn their living on a day-to-day basis. They want to go work in some institution that pays them $90,000 a year and they can just write and they can travel and they can go report and they’re taken care of.

And for most journos, I think he's right. But a) this can change, and b) we don't ALL fit into this norm. I mean, hell, I am an entrepreneur and a journalist. More importantly though, I think he's pointing to a legit problem in the culture of American journalism. And like all problems, it's really an opportunity for folks like you and me to change the world and create something. 

But I think there's an even larger point here. As Fred put it: "the media industry, which is the industry that Google operates in and the industry that the vast percentage of our portfolio companies operate in, is the first industry to be fundamentally disrupted by the internet." In fact, more disruption is coming, and that means that not only do journos need to be more entrepreneurial, but that the entire country, and indeed the entire world does too.