Venture Hacks had this GREAT To Do List for founders. I saw it and just had to share…

  1. 1) Move to Silicon Valley.
  2. 2) Pick a great co-founder with complementary skills.
  3. 3) Select people with intelligence, energy and integrity.
  4. 4) Pick a big market.
  5. 5) Develop the minimum viable product to test your hypothesis about what the market needs. Preferably it’s a product that you’re passionate about since you’ll need to stick with it to an irrational point (the Internet especially is efficiently arbitraged).
  6. 6) Iterate like crazy until you find product/market fit. If you don’t find it, do not raise money, do not pass go. Start over.
  7. 7) If you have found product/market fit, raise money from high-quality people that you trust. Keep control.
  8. 8) Scale. Hang on.