When customers are faced with a challenge — a gap in their knowledge, a website that’s not intuitive to navigate, a set up process that’s too complex to get through, etc. — they quickly resort to the state of a baby bird.  Suddenly, they’ve been made to feel inadequate.  They get frustrated and become unwilling / unable to move on.

“Why isn’t this easier?”

“Can’t someone just do this for me?”

“Ah, forget it!”

You have two options when this happens:

  1. Screw ‘em. Also known as “The Microsoft Approach.”  You’ve got them locked into your business, right?  They bought your stuff, and you got what you wanted.  If they can’t fill in the gaps, they must just be stupid.
  2. Spoon-feed ‘em. Accept that whatever they’re complaining about is probably your fault, and go out of your way to fix the problem.

The duty of your company is to make it painless for your “baby birds” to eat.  More often than not, that requires you to spoon-feed them.  It may take more effort on your part, but it keeps your customers happy.

via charliehoehn.com

This is the creed that startups must live by. This is how SpeakerText sees the world. This is how I see the world.