Want to Break into Startups or VC?

Quick post for people reading this blog who are interested in breaking into tech startups, venture capital, meeting the key folks in these fields etc. Single most important piece of advice without a doubt: start blogging… asap.

Earlier this year I reached out to Chris Dixon with similar advice on VC, startups, etc. Chris told me I should start to blog about my thoughts. I'd ignored such advice before but it was more impactful coming straight from Chris.

In the few months since I've been blogging I've created as many key relationships with heavy hitters like Chris as I had during the prior few years (a time during which I worked on Sand Hill Road, marketed to Google & Apple, went to b-school, etc). No joke!!

Point of the story is this: having a great background and hustling will always be important. But before I started blogging, I was a guy with a 'resume', not a 'voice'. Where you can differentiate yourself and get mindshare is by creating, thinking, writing, and communicating. Blogging gives anybody a public voice, and truly is ‘21st century networking’… 

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This is sooooo true!