Be Kind. It Pays.

The best investors are the most focused on building long-term relationships with people. The worst investors are the most transactional, the most focused on the deal, on the what you can do for me right now.

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Announcing Marketplace Talks: On-Stage Interviews With The World’s Best Marketplace Entrepreneuers

I’m proud to announce my involvement in Marketplace Talks, the world’s #1 meetup for marketplace startups, entrepreneurs and investors Once a month, I’ll interview a prominent marketplace entrepreneur (or investor) on-stage, in front of an assembled mass of other entrepreneurs, investors and startup people. I’ll do my best to dig into the business model, how it […]

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Morality is a Luxury Good

War is an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will.  -Carl Von Clausewitz Morality is a luxury good. War is fundamentally amoral. There is nothing a threatened society won’t do, especially when cornered. The violence of war has no natural limit, no logical upward bound. And in case you thought […]

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To Commerce! To Freedom! To the Open Internet!

I sent this letter to the Federal Communication Commission just a few minutes ago. I encourage you to do something similar. Also, feel free to discuss this post on Hacker News. From: Matt Mireles Date: Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 12:25 PM Subject: Save the Open Internet. For Freedom. To: [email protected] Hello, My name is Matt Mireles and […]

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Farewell to All That

“Each time you crest the rise in front of you, it just makes it clear the size of the even larger hill that looms beyond it. It goes on for a long time.” -Marc Randolph, Founder/CEO Netflix **** After six years in the saddle as an entrepreneur, I’ve decided to hang up my hat and get […]

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Knowing When to Flip.

Magazines take your photo. Venture Capitalists offer to invest over email.  Billionaires smoke weed in your living room. No one doubts you. Like this post? Discuss it on Hacker News.  Your company is hot. You are hot. And it feels awesome. To struggle for months, to dream for years––and then to have the world’s attention. It […]

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Humility the Hard Way

So much of the best advice is impossible to hear when you are first starting out. Success feels within our grasp, just a sprint or two away. We’re in too much of a hurry to listen. Failure slows you down. The pain of failure forces you to stop. Failure creates the context where one can […]

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Race, Ethnicity & Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley favors the brash and the brilliant. If you have a pedigree and a network (e.g. if you studied Computer Science at Stanford), the bar is lower. People will doubt you less. The corollary to this, of course, is that the more of a nobody you are, the harder it is and the higher […]

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How to Negotiate Price Without Being a Jerk

If you’ve never done it before, price negotiations are easy to fuck up, especially when you need to have a non-adversarial long-term relationship with the guy on the other side of the table. Think: Employee Salaries Venture Capital Valuations In either case, you want your employer or VC to not hate you after the fact, […]

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