Knowing When to Flip.

push button to exit

Magazines take your photo. Venture Capitalists offer to invest over email.  Billionaires smoke weed in your living room. No one doubts you. Like this post? Discuss it on Hacker News.  Your company is hot. You are hot. And it feels awesome. To struggle for months, to dream for years––and then to have the world’s attention. It […]

Humility the Hard Way

Japanese generals humbled

So much of the best advice is impossible to hear when you are first starting out. Success feels within our grasp, just a sprint or two away. We’re in too much of a hurry to listen. Failure slows you down. The pain of failure forces you to stop. Failure creates the context where one can […]

Race, Ethnicity & Silicon Valley

Ray Mireles

Silicon Valley favors the brash and the brilliant. If you have a pedigree and a network (e.g. if you studied Computer Science at Stanford), the bar is lower. People will doubt you less. The corollary to this, of course, is that the more of a nobody you are, the harder it is and the higher […]

A Letter to My Son

Luca’s school asked me to write him a letter for mail day. I asked if I could send an email instead. They said ‘yes.’ Here’s what I wrote… Hello Son, Your old man here. First off, I love you. Remember that, especially those early, early mornings when you want to play and I pretend to […]

Valediction, Memorial Day

Thanks to all the military veterans out there. You put your ass on the line, be it for freedom or some politician’s folly. You risked life, limb and long fits of boredom for we the safe and only occasionally grateful. It is because of your sacrifice that we can enjoy the fruits of peace and […]

A Good Startup CEO

A good startup CEO sets the direction, the mission and the unit of measure, then empowers his team to figure out the rest. — Matt Mireles (@mattmireles) May 2, 2013 I became a startup CEO because it was the only palatable job I could find. But I never really knew how to do the job […]

There Are No Rules. You Are Alone

“There are no rules. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.”  -Jim Everingham Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned––though I struggle with it still––from my first startup experience was: YOU ARE ALONE. You are Cortez at the shores of Veracruz.  There are no rules. There are no answers outside of those that you create for […]


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