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“Should we fire the CEO?” That’s the question at the heart of every board meeting. It’s the only thing I can really do as a board member, really. Even if I never say those words, the question is always in the back of my mind. -Anonymous Board Member & Entrepreneur A founder called me today. His lead investor was in the news in a bad way: Rothenberg Ventures, the four-year-old, San Francisco-based seed-stage...

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Do you not have Thanksgiving Plans? New in town? Are you wondering WTF you are going to do tonight? Feeling broke and maybe just a little lonely? If so, you should come to my house and join my family for Thanksgiving. My girlfriend Stephanie is making Turkey Dinner. We have beer, wine and not much in the way of family around these parts. We live in downtown Menlo Park 5min from the Caltrain. Feel free to bring a friend. We’ve done...

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The “gig economy” is part of a shift toward higher resolution careers that has been happening for decades. — Paul Graham (@paulg) July 15, 2015 Let me set the record straight for you deluded millionaires of the world: For most people most of the time, working in the “Gig Economy” is an act of desperation that you do only because the alternative is unemployment or an even worse job. Working a gig is exactly like...

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The Greece Situation

Posted By on Jul 5, 2015

Here’s what I would do if I was running Greece right now… I would vote “no” vote in the recent Greek referendum. I would move to abandon the Euro and re-adopt the Drachma as the national currency. I would stay in the European Union. I would print money and use inflation to solve the government’s internal debt problems. I would use my country’s now-improved negotiating position via threat of complete...

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Getting Unstuck

Posted By on Jun 29, 2015

“The only difference between Elite Entrepreneurs and those just getting started is the amount of time we stay stuck.” –Dan Martell Winning is all that matters. You only have to get to the top of the mountain once. How much time you spent falling down at the bottom beforehand doesn’t matter (other than the opportunity cost, I suppose.) Q: How long did it take for Steve Jobs to get back on the horse after Apple fired...

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Letter to a Fired Founder

Posted By on May 21, 2015

A friend of mine just got fired from his startup. As a founder, he was classy, loyal and relentless. He behaved like a champion. But despite all this, he got shitcanned nonetheless. So I wrote him a letter: Hi, I know you must be feeling pretty shitty right now. Probably a little bitter too. I know I would. [!Name], I’ve seen you in action. You’re an inspiring leader. You’re a motherfucking relentless hustler. And you’ve got the heart...

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Ask for the Money

Posted By on Apr 22, 2015

I have a technique for asking investors for money. At the end of the pitch meeting, I ask: “So… are you in?”  It’s that simple. If you’re a founder and you’re raising money for your startup, you need to ask for the money at the end of the pitch meeting. Cuz if you don’t ask, you won’t get. So many people don’t do this. Don’t be one of those...

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No One Is Self-Made

No One Is Self-Made

Posted By on Apr 8, 2015

Fatherhood has changed me. In my pre-fatherhood twenties, I thought of myself as a self-made man. I viewed the world through an individualistic, narcissistic lens and my accomplishments, I believed, were largely my own. I had taken risks and busted my ass to get whatever I got. I congratulated myself and began — quietly — to scorn those who had failed to put themselves in the right industry, the right career. They were weak, I was...

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